About Kung Fu Mary

About Kung Fu Mary

If like me and you grew up in the 80s then you may just remember the Chinese cotton kung fu mary janes. Every year my mum and dad would take my brother and i to China town to meander around the markets eating pistachios and ever so casually just dropping the shells on the ground as we walked on by fossicking in all the fabulous market stalls. This is where my mother would purchase our mary janes.

As I got older and had daughters of my own I would find myself popping my head inside Asian supermarkets, just to see if I could find my favourite childhood shoes. Sometimes I would get lucky and purchase everybody a pair. Over the years they became very hard to find, few and far between and my last pair from 10 years ago were starting to look very sad. This is when Kung Fu Mary was born.

The traditional Chinese Mary jane has been around for decades, and yes that is me standing in the mud, in the rain, patting a bull in my beloved kung fu mary janes wearing a fabulous t-shirt with the Australian flag and a Koala on it. This picture was taken in 1982 while on a family holiday, I was 11 years old. So you can see here that this sweet classic style of shoe can never go out of style. They are handmade the traditional way with cotton and a soft quilted innersole and are now available in many colours

So if its coffee with friends, racing the kids to and from school, yoga class or heading to the local farmers market, maybe you could just be having a stay at home day, doing nothing, but relaxing, or maybe suffering from swollen pregnant feet and just need a soft shoe to hug them (I certainly did). Or after baby is born sunset drinks at your favourite bar. Walking the dog, riding the bike and Sunday bbqs. The list goes on.

Kung Fu Mary will compliment anything in your wardrobe. They will become your go to shoes and your new best friend for your feet.