Why the Happy Horse?

Why the Happy Horse?

Not only did i grow up wearing these sweet little shoes but I also grew up with horses. Since i was 10, there has been a horse standing beside me.

Back in the 80s when Happy Shoes were all the rage it was also a time when we would ride our horses like cowboys, bareback along the beach, racing our girlfriends with a pack of smokes shoved down our jeans (because that made us even cooler) galloping past all the surfer boys! 

I have had the honour of owning 6 beautiful horses. My 2 Appaloosas, Matador and Tharha. The teenage girls dream horse. Both would run like the wind and have absolutely no brakes, the days of having no fear. Fast forward 15 years and 3 babies later my gorgeous girl Tharha was one day killed by a tiger snake in her paddock. Her life long mate Matador lived up until 2016 when he passed at the age of 38. There was also my Sooki. She was a white sassy Welsh Cob and built like a freight train. Unfortunately my story book pony was taken from me by cancer.

Then one day I was introduced to a 17 hands high Thoroughbred. He was an ex race horse who had suffered extreme ligament damage and was on his way to an uncertain future. I did not know much about the Thoroughbred, only that I had heard they are high maintenance. But I could not resist the look in this boys eyes, he was sad. He was born to race, and that he did. I searched up his records and breeding, the prize money he had won, pictures on the internet of him crossing the line in all the glory of Randwick race course, yet I found it all extremely sad how he had become so easily disregarded. I call him Pierre and he my heart horse.

Along comes my Beau the gentle giant. He too is a rescue Thoroughbred and quite the challenge. He has hoof problems and enjoys cribbing. Cribbing is a habit they develop when they are stabled and bored. They bite down on timber fencing, or anything that they can get a grip on, and take large deep gulps of air which shots up to their brain, giving them a high. They can stand all day doing this if you let them. This also prevents weight gain, causes teeth damage and stomach ulcers. There is a large collar they can wear to help prevent the problem but cribbing becomes an addiction and it is very hard for them to stop. My Beau is a little addict.

Recently I started to hear that little voice telling me that maybe, just maybe my boys needed a little female added to the herd. Then I found her, my Beauty Girl. A  black Thoroughbred mare who was rescued by the RSPCA. She was used as a brood mare for many years. She was found with her back legs ripped open from barb wire fencing. She had rain scald to the flesh all over he back and she was skin and bone. After much care from the RSPCA I was able to adopt her. She is the most gracious sweetest thing.

This is why I have introduced the Happy Horse print. In every new range I will have a new print to represent the beauty and spirit of the horse. I hope to make it my mission that one day i will have my own herd of rescue Thoroughbreds and give them the forever home these champions deserve.